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A quarter century ago Don Longo embarked on a mission to become the most respected commercial and site development company in the area.

Don was taught by his father to live by your word and that, if he followed his dreams and treated customers as you yourself would want to be treated, then becoming a success would logically follow suit. This fatherly advice helped Don throughout the process of building his company, allowing him, ultimately, to achieve his goals.

Today a major player in commercial development, Longo and Associates has acquired over forty pieces of heavy equipment to fulfill the needs of any possible project.

By working closely with architects and engineers, Longo and Associates can—by leveraging its experience—cut costs and achieve the financial goals of site owners, all without jeopardizing the integrity or quality of the finished outcome.

Longo and Associates has the expertise to deliver any project on time and within the financial constraints allocated to the project.

As the owner of Longo and Associates, it’s my promise that communication lines will be kept constantly open with my employers in order to make certain that every single job is completed smoothly and within budget.



GPS systems/laser grading

Longo and Associates has invested heavily in GPS and laser grading technology to ensure that all jobs come out exactly as specifie...

heavy excavation

Our stable of over 40 pieces of heavy equipment ensures that Longo and Associates is well armed for any type of job requiring the ...

land clearing

Safely and effectively preparing land for building and development is not as simple as just clear-cutting a parcel. Longo and Ass...

snow removal

In our neck of the woods, winter can be extremely unpredictable. Longo and Associates' impressive arsenal of heavy equipment can a...

crushing and screening

Moving dirt and crushing rock are some of our specialties, as is reconstituting any excavated materials into reusable mediums. ...


A site is only as good as its drainage. Trust Longo and Associates to design and install an ideal water-movement solution to keep ...

road building

Access to any job-site is of critical importance. Longo and Associates can carve pathways through any terrain in order to ensure m...

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Custom Building

Once a site is cleared, excavated and fully prepared, let Longo & Associates take over the next phase of the project—building your dream custom home.

Realizing that all clients have different budget constraints, we work with you to achieve that high-end feel without bursting your bankbook. How do we do that? Longo’s capabilities allow us keep building operations in house and eliminate the need for hiring subcontractors. This allows us—and you—to radically cut down on construction expenses.

Over the years, Longo & Associates has also developed a specialty in equestrian facilities. We have designed and constructed a multitude of horse barns, derby & grand prix fields, and indoor/outdoor riding arenas and our cutting edge equipment allows us to offer finished products that are competition-grade. We recognize and respect the immense importance and investments made in your horses, and treat the process with the attention to detail it deserves.

Our mission is to turn your dream custom building vision into a reality.

Visit our custom building  website here.


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